The Resistance Fighters

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The story of the game is about a young man who defends his country against enemies' invasion.

Isa is a young man who was born in America. His parents are Palestinian Christians who immigrated to America. One day Isa sees on TV that the Israelis have attacked Palestine again. But something catches his attention. The pictures are of their ancestral village. Isa's grandfather and some of their relatives still live there. Isa, who is impatient, decides to go to Palestine. He buys a plane ticket at the first opportunity and goes to Jordan and enters Palestine through there.

Mouse - Shooting, WASD keys - Movement, Spacebar - Jump, SHIFT - Run, C - Crouch, E - Step up, R - Reload, Q - Roll, P - Pause


Action 3D Shooting 2 Player HTML5 WebGL


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